15 November 2018
I. Karaliene: Advancement of Excellence and Technology – Engine for Improving the Performance of Judicial Officers
The international conference in Belarusian capital Minsk was held on November 14th where participants were presented with the advantages of Lithuanian decision-making system, based on high competence of private judicial officers and rapid implementation of information technologies.
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13 November 2018
The Opinion of Portal Readers: Easing of The Debt Burden Should Not Boomerang Creditors
People's sensibility to debtors is not unconditional and is not the same as preparing to assume a portion of the financial burden for themselves.
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8 October 2018
Strong self-governance of judicial officers is one of the most important conditions for effective performance
Active self-governance of judicial officers, positive image of the profession and a good technical base. These three “giants” help to consistently optimize the performance of private judicial officers. This was emphasized by Judicial Officer Valdas Čeglikas who introduced the experience of Lithuanian judicial officers to participants of the international conference in the Dnipropetrovsk city of Ukraine on 5 October.
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25 September 2018
Can statutory amendments save Lithuania from debts?
The portfolio of Lithuanian debtors preserves more than EUR 4 billion of debt, or more than a tenth of the state’s gross domestic product. It includes unpaid salaries to employees, utility charges, outstanding loans, unpaid fines for breaches of administrative law and numerous other debts. What is going to change since 1 December 2018 after the entry into force of the mitigated debt recovery procedure? Will the balance of interests of lenders and debtors be maintained?
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