30 March 2020
Judicial officers’ offices during quarantine: physically closed, but open online
After transitioning to working remotely as of March 16, judicial officers are continuing to provide most of their regular services to creditors and debtors during the quarantine period. They are aware of the fact that this temporary emergency and quarantine do not eliminate their professional duty to perform functions assigned by the state and help parties to civil proceedings ensure their interests.
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4 March 2020
Progress of judicial officers in Moldova: although results are obvious, they are difficult to measure
Compared to the former judicial officers' system, the advantage of judicial officers' system of the liberal Moldova reformed in 2010 is already beyond doubt. The challenge today is to form clear criteria for measuring the efficiency of activities of private judicial officers and continue the modernisation of debt recovery procedures.
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30 January 2020
Judicial officers’ statistics: 1.5 times more debt repayment
In 2019, judicial officers returned to creditors nearly 103.7 million euros debts. That is 53 percent, or 36 million euros more than recovered in 2018. 89.9 million euros returned to private persons, 13.8 million euros – for public authorities.
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2 December 2019
Digital asset recovery: how to turn challenges into opportunities?
Initiated by the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ), the Global Code for the Enforcement of Digital Assets aims to accelerate the development of practical recovery tools for various types of digital property.
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