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For Latvian colleagues – Lithuanian bailiffs\' greetings commemorating 15th anniversary of private activity

For Latvian colleagues – Lithuanian bailiffs\' greetings commemorating 15th anniversary of private activity

International conference "Development of bailiff's profession and future prospects in Latvia" was held on April 13 in the capital of Latvia, Riga. The event was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Private Bailiffs' Institute.

Dovilė Satkauskienė, the Chief of the Bailiff's Chamber, and bailiff Vytautas Mitkus greeted Latvian colleagues on behalf of Lithuanian bailiffs.

"It's a double celebration for us. 15 years ago, Latvian and Lithuanian bailiffs started same activities – private activities. Almost simultaneously we established independent bailiffs' organizations, which opened opportunities for growth and strengthening of bailiff profession," said D. Satkauskienė.

According to Andris Spore, the Chairman of the Council of Sworn Bailiffs of Latvia, during the last 15 years, much has been done to make the decision-making process more fair and effective. In 2003, the institutional reform of bailiffs implemented in Latvia substantially changed the processes of execution of decisions and increased the requirements for bailiffs' professional qualification.

Chairman of the Latvian Sworn Bailiffs' Council A. Spore (second from the left) and his colleagues from Bulgaria and Lithuania (on the right - D. Satkauskienė, the Director of the Chamber of Chamber of Judicial Officers of Lithuania and V. Mitkus - Judicial Officer).

Latvian Minister of Justice Dzintars Rasnačs compared the changes with the transition from the Stone Age to the modern system: "While in 1998, it was only 21 of 95 working court bailiffs having legal education, then in 2018, all bailiffs have higher legal education".

Over a year, Latvian bailiffs have recovered the debts of more than 500 million euro to private recoverers and state budget.

Representatives of the Latvian authorities and the academic community as well as guests from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Armenia, Moldova and other countries participated in the conference.


The event's hosts and guests
Antstolis V. Mitkus, LAR valdytoja D. Satkauskienė, Moldovos atstovai O. Novicov ir R. Talmaci
Antstolis V. Mitkus ir Lietuvos antstolių rūmų valdytoja D. Satkauskienė
Senoji Latvijos antstolio uniforma
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