9 September 2019
Lithuania and Ukraine: judicial officers’ assistance relevant to enforcement of arbitral awards
Arbitration courts can be superior to state courts in shorter and simpler dispute resolution processes. However, effective arbitration procedures are necessary for the successful party to have a real practical outcome.
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30 July 2019
Ukraine is interested in Lithuania\'s experience in modernizing debt collection processes
Without new information technology, further development of the Ukrainian private enforcement system is impossible. Private judicial officers in Ukraine is seeking effective debt recovery and it is useful to listen to the advice of their successful European colleagues. Such insights were expressed during international conference "New Challenges of the Private Bailiff's Profession" which took place in Odessa, Ukraine on the 26th of July, 2019.
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26 June 2019
Ukrainian colleagues have been given experience of strengthening the self-government of private judicial officers
How to ensure the success of the Ukrainian private judicial officers' self-governing structures and how to effectively implement the National Private Judicial Officers Association strategy. Answers to these questions were made on June 25th meeting of representatives of Ukrainian private judicial officers association and international experts in Dnipro. It was organized in the framework of the European Union “Pravo-Justice” project, which aims to support legal and justice reforms in Ukraine.
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18 April 2019
Experienced and Young People in Renewed Self-governed Institutions of Judicial Officers
At the judicial officers‘ meeting on April 17, self-governed institutions of judicial officers were renewed and the operational objectives for the next four years were identified.
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