22 July 2021
Statistics of debt recovery: the amount of repaid debts is increasing, while the sums of new claims are decreasing
During the first half of 2021, judicial officers were able to recover EUR 74,4 million of debt owed to private individuals and state institutions. That's 61 percent. more than last year (the first half of 2020). Two out of three creditors, who applied for debt recovery, had their debts recovered in full.
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28 June 2021
Recovery from digital money is a task of the time for all countries, including Lithuania
Digitization does not leave any country aside. Therefore, debt recovery from digital money must be as global as the development of virtual currencies.
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6 May 2021
The pandemic did not reduce the need to serve international documents
In 2020, the need for service of foreign documents in Lithuania has remained similar to that of 2019: Chamber of Judicial Officers of Lithuania has received 405 requests (in 2020 there were 408) for service of judicial and extrajudicial documents in the territory of Lithuania from 30 different countries.
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20 April 2021
The activities of the Chamber of Judicial Officers of Lithuania were reviewed during a remote meeting of judicial officers
During the XXII Meeting of Judicial Officers, which took place in the 19th of April, 2021, the activity report of the Chamber of Judicial Officers of Lithuania was approved. The guidelines for further activities of the association were also defined. Just like many other events during the quarantine period, this meeting was organized remotely.
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