12 March 2024
The Courts Recognise the Majority of Actions by Judicial Officers as Legal
Despite a slight increase in the number of new enforcement cases, the number of complaints submitted to courts regarding the actions of judicial officers continued to decrease in 2023.
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13 February 2024
The demand for serving foreign documents began to increase
After a slight decrease recorded in 2022, the demand for serving foreign documents began to increase in 2023.
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11 January 2024
Judicial Officers Recover a Quarter More Debts in 2023
Judicial officers successfully collected and returned 280.3 million euros of debts to creditors in 2023, reflecting a 25 per cent increase compared to the amount recovered in 2022.
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24 July 2023
Judicial officers: the amount of repayable debts is increasing and the flow of new debts is stable
During the first half of 2023, the judicial officers returned 139 million euros of debts to the creditors. This is 28 percent more than in January-June 2022. 27.7 million euros were returned to the state institutions and 111.3 million euros to the private individuals and legal entities.
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