4 February 2019
Judicial officers worked more efficiently in 2018 and recovered 1.5 times more debts
Compulsory recovery system is used in Lithuania increasingly less in order to recover small debts. The total number of new debt recovery claims is decreasing.
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11 January 2019
The Seimas approved the initiative of Chamber of Judicial Officers of Lithuania: it was authorized to borrow for the purchases of auction
From July of 2019 it will be authorized to borrow for the purchase of auction by pledging it to the grantor of credit. On the 11 of January the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania approved the draft Law on the Amendment of Articles of the Code of Civil Procedure (XIIP-4110(2)), which provides an opportunity to pledge the seized property in the auction and acquire it by funds by debt.
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18 December 2018
People trust judicial officers despite all the negative public opinions on the profession
In 2018, the willingness of people to use the services of a judicial officer to recover their debts was the highest in the last three years. This is supported by the data collected during the 2016-2018 public opinion surveys.
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15 November 2018
I. Karaliene: Advancement of Excellence and Technology – Engine for Improving the Performance of Judicial Officers
The international conference in Belarusian capital Minsk was held on November 14th where participants were presented with the advantages of Lithuanian decision-making system, based on high competence of private judicial officers and rapid implementation of information technologies.
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